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Description Serial Number MSRP Sold
Yaesu FT-840  100W 160-10M, with a CW filter 5D161166 $579.99  SOLD $350.00
Yaesu FT-897-D 3M790209 $879.99 
LDG AT-200 PC N/A $259.00  SOLD $135.00
MFJ Versa tuner 941E N/A $109.99  SOLD $50.00
MFJ-461  Pocket CW reader N/A $79.99 
MFJ 4035MV Power supply N/A $139.99 
Astron RS-35A Power supply N/A $149.99  SOLD $85.00
Pyramid PS-7KX  5A cont-7A surge, power supply N/A $41.99 
NUE-PSK Digital Modem + Keyboard N/A $199.79 
Heil Proset Headset, Mic, and foot switch N/A $159.97 
Bencher BY-1 Iambic Paddle N/A $109.99 
B & W TVI Filter N/A $56.00 
MAHA C777 Battery Charger N/A $49.99 
CDE Ham II rotor and controller  N/A $259.95 
6M loop antenna Home made $10.00  SOLD $10.00

                                                                               The following are Not MSRP but current Ebay pricing   

Palomar 300A 40-10 meter 300W Amplifier Unknown condition $150 
Tektronix CFG253 Function Generator  CFG-253TW60226 $150 
Tektronix CFG253 Function Generator  CFG-253TW58507 $150 
Standard C5608DA dual band mobile U010090 $895.00