Used, working but AS IS radios/equipment for sale!  FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, ALL SALES FINAL! thanks :)

Tested on the air but NO GUARANTEES!

Contact me for for further info, WA9WSJ

Only CONUS sales because of the scammers.  





Radio Shack PRO-2067 Multi-System Trunking scanner

This scanner will receive normal FM and Trunking! 500 channels! 

Frequency ranges are: 

29-54 MHz
108-136.9875 MHz
137-174 MHz
380-512 MHz
806-823.9875 MHz
849-868.9875 MHz
894-960 MHz

Comes with a wall power supply for 12 VDC. I used just a piece of wire for an antenna and was able to receive the state police frequency shown, very easily! An outside antenna would really bring this to life!

The user manual is readily available on line as well as free computer programming software, which is suggested by the online reviews. You'll need to buy a $20.00 cable though.

Quite a bit of online information on this scanner.

$50.00! AS IS.


Actual equipment picture




Quansheng TG-UV2, Dual band hand held, with charger stand and a Diamond antenna, model SRJ-77CA.

There's an issue with the 2 meter transmit power, just a few milliwatts output, I think the final is shot. 

The 440 side has 2 1/2 watts output.

Green LCD back lighting when turning on and programming.

Would make a good UHF-to-your cross band mobile. User manual is available on line, free. 

$45.00 AS IS, the antenna alone new is $19.95 at!!!


Actual equipment picture




Alinco DR-150, Two meter only rig. 50 watts high power, w/power cord.

$75.00 AS IS....




YAESU VX-8R Quad band Handheld, 6m, 2m, 1.25m & 70cm! 

Comes with a Diamond dual band antenna model SRH77CA, CD-41 fast charger cradle, NC-72B power supply, SBR-14LI 7.2v 2200mAh battery and full sheet size printed manual.

NEW: Keypad, band changing push buttons, side cap (covers earphone and power supply jacks) & top encoder knob.

Way too many features to list here!

$230.00 AS IS...



Wouxun KG-UV3D 2m/70cm, complete w/original box. With extra 7.4V 1700mAh battery and programming cable!

$80.00 AS IS...




Alinco DJ-500, 2m/70cm complete w/original box, charging cradle, charger supply, one battery and an extra belt clip.

VERY good condition, looks new!

$100.00 AS IS...















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