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These items were donated to the Boise County Amateur Radio Club Inc.

Best REASONABLE offers accepted! You pay any shipping, thanks!

All items appear to be new but are being sold "AS IS" no warrantees, guarantees stated, implied, suggested or mentioned! 
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No overseas sales, sorry, but just too many thieving scammers trying to be the jerks they are!


Please email me if you're interested, thanks! Tom WA9WSJ


 NGT brand thermal SPST re-settable switch PN. 05NT434

    MFG Site:

 Arco Electric brand neon amber rectangular panel indicator PN. C0430AB Will fit a .430" x 1.070" rectangular hole. Approx 40 quantity.

 POWER ONE power supplies.

Quantity 3

Quantity 2


Quantity 5



Vicor model VI-MA1-CQ, quantity 1


 Screw terminal strip, #6 screw, .400" screw centers, 2.625" mounting centers. Approx 30 quantity.

 Plastic "P" wire/cable clamps, .225" diameter when tightly closed. .178" diameter mounting hole.  Approx 200 quantity.


 Axial capacitors, 470uF @ 25 vdc approx 50 quantity.





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