FT-8 Gentlemen's Operating Etiquette Guide!


Since the great development of the FT-8 digital mode has come to pass, it has been my experience that there are some operating techniques that are beyond questionable but rather very rude and disrespectful!

What I'm going to point out isn't something that a person would regularly experience when using the phone mode, so WHY are people doing this in the digital mode??? 

1. When calling CQ DX, why do some people answer/call you when THEY ARE NOT DX??? Would you do it the phone mode? No because the guy calling CQ would tell 
    you that you are NOT DX to him! DON'T DO THIS!!!

2. When calling CQ for a particular state, using the two letter designator, i.e., WY for Wyoming or ID for Idaho etc, why do some people answer/call you when THEY ARE NOT IN 
STATE??? Would you do this in the phone mode? No because the guy calling CQ would ask you if you are in that particular state. Got this figured out yet? DON'T DO THIS!!!
     FYI... I've seen guys format their cq in the following manner, (wanting a qso with two states), and I'll use my call as an example:  CQ ID WY WA9WSJ   While this will be decoded at the   
    receivers end, he CANNOT click on it to answer you! Because that added two letters and the extra space, cuts off your grid square number at the end. The program code specifically 
    needs to see this grid number to run the qso! Using one state two letter ID is okay, just not two.

3. If you are answering a guys CQ, change your frequency in the waterfall after you've finished the contact, or better yet, transmit slightly off his frequency. He had that spot first! 
    Don't hi-jack his spot! Would you call CQ on phone on his frequency when you're done with that type of contact? No you wouldn't. DON'T DO THIS!!!

4. I've even seen a guy call CQ for a particular state right on top of the same frequency that an ongoing qso was taking place with a guy from that state! It was obvious that 
    he knew the particular state would see his cq! Yes propagation changes but the signal strengths were all good, he was trying to be sneaky but it actually created QRM! 
    DON'T DO THIS!!! Would you answer a guy who was qrm'ing you this way? I won't.

5. Another 'for instance'. If I'm calling a station, it's very obvious I'm not calling CQ, because you can see the guys call in front of mine. Wait until I finish calling the other 
    guy, either finishing my wanted contact or giving up. DON'T JUMP RIGHT IN AND CALL ME without waiting until I'm done! You wouldn't do this on phone, would you?


  I understand that you may need the CQ'ing guys state for W.A.S., BUT, have patience and call him when he either finishes making his contact or when he quits calling the specific CQ! 

  Put yourself in HIS place! Don't operate in a way that would aggravate you if someone did these things to you!


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