MICS MICS MICS!!! and charger/supplies (below the mics)

AS IS UNTESTED, unless otherwise noted.

Sorry, no shipments outside of CONUS, thanks to the lying scammers.

These are from an estate sale.

Please make a fair offer!!! 

Of course, all shipping paid by the buyer, that's you! Thanks.

Contact me, WA9WSJ thanks!


The one at the most upper left has been tested and worked on my TM-742a. Its' RJ45 locking tab is broke.
The one at the most lower right is from a scrapped out TM-331A, suspect it is okay.
The lower left one with the hook needs its round four pin plug worked on.
The one in the most upper right has a TT pad and needs it 8 pin round plug worked on.
The rest, not tested.


ICOM mics

One, HM-186LS in great shape but no way to test.
One from an IC-207 rig. Would not function when plugged in.


Radio Shack

All PN. 19-310 Tested good.


YAESU mics

All AS IS, none tested.

MH-48, both ends of the cable have frayed outer jacket
? w/5 pin Din type plug, (upper left)


MISC mics

Some commercial some ham AS IS...


We all know what chargers and ht cradles look like so no pics, just model numbers.

All tested except as noted...



QTY        # & Description

1              NC-60B supply   
3              SAD-18B supplies
1              SAD-18B & SBH-28 supply and cradle
1              SAD-20B & SBH-22 supply and rapid charger cradle
1              CA-15 Vertex cradle
2              NC-28B supplies
1              PA-23B & CD-16 supply and rapid charger cradle
1              PA-10A mobile adaptor



3            A-88 supplies
1            480-10050-V1 supply
1            YC-2011A supply, (USB output jack) not tested



2             SAW12-120-1000UD supplies



1            ED8B mobile supply with noise filter



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