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Does anyone remember Alex Dreier? I think he was a radio news man/announcer. I know he did commercials for Hallicrafter radios. I used to have a 45, (remember those???), :-) record of this commercial. Sure wish I still had it! I've searched the internet but could not find any listing of it and very little stuff on him also. From what I remember it was a pretty good commercial. Anyone have it hiding somewhere? Email me if you do! TNX!


A fine gent named Rodney answered my above request! Thank you Rodney!
He sent me an email with a link for the exact message on the 45 that I was looking for! Cool!


Also another related link:


Still looking for:

Anyone have the full length theme song to the 1980's show Friday Night Videos? This was a cool theme song. I've found clips but not the full length song. I even had made contact with one of the original artists who made it, no luck getting a copy from him, said he didn't have one.

Anyone remember SPESM? The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Six Meters. 

It was a six meter radio club back in the 70's and 80's in the mid west Chicago area. I've googled it but not much comes up.
My member number is 187. I've mentioned it in the club section of www.eham.net but only got a couple that remembered it. I'm hoping there are more out there! Let me know if you are still there! TNX!


And another thing! Has anyone ever dealt with a trap like this one? I have the basic knowledge of traps but this one isn't what I expected, being two different coils in series with the outer tube/capacitor. 
Have any info on it?

It is from a vertical but I have no idea what brand. It had another trap in line with this one but I haven't taken it apart to see if it was made the same way.
All I have is the two traps, the top end element above the other one, (with a plastic cap on its end), and the section between the two, this is the lower trap, no base. 

Can anyone tell me about this one? Please email me if so, Thanks! 

UPDATE!!! A big thanks to the guys on the Tower Talk reflector for all the info for this trap!!! It is made by Mosley.







To get rid of that annoying and ILLEGAL siren from being transmitted over the air, follow these steps.

1. Using the CHIRP program, click on the LEFT "SETTINGS" tab.
3. Find the "ALARM MODE" menu down arrow and select "SITE".
4. Go to the top "FILE" tab and select save.
5. Upload the saved file to the radio.

Note: I don't know if this will work with any other Baofeng models, but it's worth the try!

6 meter beacon in Boise Idaho now on the air! 50.072 mc. DN13up. On the air since 8-19-2020.
I converted a Regency HR-6. Since crystals are CRAZY expensive now, I used an SiT8008B programmable oscillator! Works really well.
Simply separated the stock oscillator section and injected the signal to the multiplier and voila! Retuned the transmitter stages, re-tweaked them with KA7EWN's help/equipment- THANKS Bernie!
It transmits a 70 second message and the has a 60 second delay. Putting out 6 watts to a home brew squalo antenna. I have an amp and will be increasing the power by 6dB, when time permits.
I used an Arduino chip to program the message, which also does the xmitter keying. Perfect for this duty!
If you hear it, please send me a report! Thanks!









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